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Two year anniversary post

December 16th, 2018 marks two years since I chose to change my health and size.

Top right shows my drivers license photo Nov 2013 versus Nov 2018.

I thought it fun to compare photos from 2008 and 2009 as well.  Two things are abundantly clear: Smaller face and less hair in contemporary photos.

The greater challenge going forward will be maintenance of weight loss.  Weight re-grain is extremely common.  A study funded by Novo-Norodisk and reported at says:

“… over the two years, fewer patients maintained their weight. In the modest, moderate, and high weight-loss groups, 40.0 percent, 35.9 percent, and 18.6 percent of patients, respectively, regained over half of their lost weight during the maintenance period.”

In the best-case scenario I have ~ 20% chance to regain at least half my weight loss.  Others report that it may require only 1 year to regain half of weight lost.  This is rather grim but I’m ever the optimist.

My proclamation for 2019, like the one I made on my “Fat white guy” journey is public.  I will maintain my existing (as of 2018-December-09) waist line while increasing my mass.