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Star project (nee that Fat white guy) 2018-Aug-25

Star project entry 3; 2018.

HIIT.  Tabata.

On August 24th 2018 I was 174.8 lbs.   This is a -4 lbs discrepancy with the last weigh-in.

Visibly I’m the same.  My targeted mass building was dedicated to my legs and shoulders.  I can say with certainty that my legs have become bigger.  In the thigh, certain pants have become considerably tighter.  I do not have such clear indication for my shoulders.

Commutes to work have become slightly longer.  As such, my back is prone to more discomfort with the extended periods of sitting.  I’ve decreased farmers carries to a maximum of one set per week.

Last time I mentioned Tabata training.  The training regimen calls for 8 cycles, each 20 seconds long at maximal effort followed by 10 seconds of rest.  I only now reached 5-6 cycles with regular consistency with a few months of effort.  The workout was extremely hard despite being in my best shape in years.