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Macbook Pro not waking up after deep sleep/hibernation.

The problem:  My 2017 Macbook Pro would wake partially from a deep sleep (here, a deep sleep is what happens when you close the lid and leave your computer overnight).  In my instance of this problem my display would wake but my trackpad would take sometime to be active (> 60 seconds).  During this time, the keyboard would be completely unresponsive.  Unlike the trackpad it never seemed to wake.  If my trackpad woke, I would select restart otherwise I would perform a hard reset.

The usual advice is two fold:  Reset SMC.  Reset PRAM. 
Other advice is to go through the output of “pmset -XXXX”

This advice did not help me despite performing each reset several times and comparing my pmset output to those posted by others online.

What did help was as follows:

Go to “System Preferences” and find “Printers and Scanners.”

Control+click the items listed in the left half of the window (I chose the panel with printers)

Select option “reset printer system.” {I’m paraphrasing because I’m not at my Mac right now}

-I saw this solution on Reddit which was linked from elsewhere.

Addendum:  The wake problem did not occur after an overnight hibernation followed by a twelve hour inactivity.

Addendum:  Still waking after deep sleep. 

Addendum: 72 h on and the Macbook still wakes as expected.

Addendum:  It’s acting up again!

Has not recurred since 10.14.3 update